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Latest Fishing Info for Lake Erie

Fishing Report

According to Outdoor News the 2018 Walleye hatch was the second best in Ohio survey history.  Top that off with the excellent hatch recorded in 2015, and the Walleye fishing should be excellent for the next 14 years. That is also why the daily limit of Walleye has gone up from four to six.

Fishing Report for Fall 2020 on South Lake Erie. 

Fall 2020 was a very good year of fishing on Lake Erie.  Purple, Pink, Clear, and Chrome Walleye Bandits and Top 20's were the most productive lures. Trolling speeds ranged from 2.0 to 3.0 MPH.  We started off catching fish East of Kelley's Island and near the Canadian border.  We ended the Fall season catching most of the fish near North Bass Island.


Fishing Report for Fall 2021 on South Lake Erie. 

   October 2021 was another good fall fishing year on Lake Erie.  Purple, Pink, Clear, and Custom Top 20's were the most productive lures.  Deep Bandits also worked well.  Trolling speeds ranged from 1.8 to 2.7 MPH.  We caught all of our fish quite a few miles East of Kelley's Island.  The water temperature was a few degrees warmer than we would have liked, but we still had a very successful trip with 120 nice Walleye for five days of fishing. 

The custom Top 20's were painted by my Grandkids with Purple and Pink permanent markers.

Custom Painted Top 20 Lures

The top producing lure for hooking Lake Erie Walleye in the fall of 2021 were these custom painted Top 20 Rogue lures.  My Grandkids painted these with permanent markers.  Purple and Pink colored lures have been working very well for the last few years.