3-7 April 2021

The April season kicked off with beautiful weather with the first group.  Many limits and quality fish were caught near C Can.  We  used Deep Bandits letting out 35 to 160 foot of line. Blue Chrome and Blue Shiner were the most productive colors.  The water temp ranged from 43 to 46.7 deg.  The average trolling speed was 1.7 mph.  The group kept 120 fish for 5 days of fishing and caught 6 Proud Angler Walleye.     

8-13 April 2021

The weather continued to be favorable for the second group.  We started on the afternoon of the 8th and headed  North West of  Kelley's Island.  We set up the planer boards with 70 t0 130 foot of line out using Deep Bandits again with Blue Chrome and Reflection being the top producers.  The trolling motor stayed between 1.3 to 1.7 mph.  We spent the next few days between Sugar Island and Rattle Snake which produced limits each day.  We spent the last couple days in the chute between the Islands and East to the border which produced many trophy fish.  We used mostly Bandits with some Bay Rats and Top 20's letting 30 to 170 foot of line out.  The average speed was 1.7 mph.  The group kept 121 fish with 11 Trophy Walleye.     

15-19 April 2021

The third group arrived  the same time as a cold north front, which caused the bite to start off a bit slow.  We did find active fish using Bandits and Top 20's.  The Spring fishing of 2021 abruptly ended when the 250 Yamaha threw a rod through the block with 115 hours logged.  Luckily Yamaha covered the repairs under warranty.

Lake Erie Fall Fishing 10-15 Oct 2021

Lenny, Curt, Myself, Dave, and Jim with a nice limit of Lake Erie Walleye during the Fall Fishing.  The warmer than normal temps resulted in us fishing in deeper water and traveling a few miles further to find active fish. 

Lake Erie Daily Log from 10-15 October 2021

Sunday 10 Oct – Dave, Jim, Curt, Lenny, and I headed out 12 miles to the East side of Kelley Island in 17 mph winds. The water depth ranged from 42 to 44 foot with a 38 foot depth at the West end of the run closer to Kelley Island. It was cloudy with light rain in the morning and stayed cloudy most of the day. The air temp started out at 65 degrees and the water temp was 68. The barometric pressure read 29.96. We started trolling at 10:00 with the waves at 1.7 to 2.8 mph. Deep Bandits caught most of the fish for the day and a few were caught on top 20’s and bay rats. We used a variety of colors with the most productive being blue chrome and purples and pinks. We set up one side of the planer boards with the 50 +2 at a wide range of depths with lengths between 80 and 100 being the most productive. We eventually changed everything to long lining between 90 and 130 foot. We ended the day with 16 Walleye, 5 were under 19 inches and the rest ranged from 20 to 25 inches. 

Monday 11 Oct – On the second day we all headed out close to the same area as yesterday on the East side of Kelley Island about 11 miles with a south wind at 12 mph.  The water depth ranged from 35 to 43 foot. It was sunny with a few clouds during the day. The water temp started out at 68.3. The barometric pressure read 29.93. We trolled mostly with the waves at 1.7 to 2.8 mph. Deep Bandits and Top 20’s caught an equal amount of fish with purple, pink, blue chrome and the Grandkid’s custom painted Top 20’s. We caught 8 fish on our first pass from 9:30 to noon. We landed 3 more on the second pass which ended at 5:00. We had a slow day of fishing and ended up with 11 fish in the well. We caught nice fish again with a couple of 24’s.

Tuesday 12 Oct – The wind continued for the third day from the South to South West at 16 mph with an air temp of 72 deg. The water temp maintained the same temperature at 68.3 with partial clouds throughout the day.  We started East of Kelley Island again. The water depth ranged from 42 to 43 foot. It was sunny with a few clouds. The barometric pressure stayed steady at 29.9. We trolled mostly with the waves again at 1.7 to 2.8 mph. and letting out 110 to 170 foot of line.  Deep Bandits caught all of the fish in the morning and in the afternoon a mixture of Top 20’s and bandits caught fish with purple, pink, blue chrome, black chrome, reflection and the Grandkid’s custom painted Top 20’s. We caught 21 Walleye from 9:30 to 5:00. We ended up with a few smaller fish measuring around 18 inches and the largest at 26 inches.

Wednesday 13 Oct – The morning started off a bit cooler with clouds at 64 deg. and the water temperature dropped very little to 68 deg. The winds were out of the South, South West at 10 mph. The water depth East of Kelley Island ranged from 41 to 43 foot and was fairly clear. The barometric pressure went up to 30.02. We trolled with and against the waves at 1.7 to 2.5 mph. and let out 90 to 170 foot of line. Deep Bandits and Top 20’s caught fish with purples, chrome, and the Grandkid’s custom painted Top 20’s. We netted 20 Walleye from 10:15 to 5:55. The fish ranged from 15 to just over 26 inches.

Thursday 14 Oct–The wind dropped to 9mph continuing out of the South, South West. The water and air temp were 68 degrees. The Barometric pressure dropped to 29.94. It was partly cloudy again and we started North West of Kelley Island and caught a 15 inch Walleye and a lot of weeds and grass so we packed up and headed back out to the East side of Kelley Island again and started catching walleye right away. We had a dozen nice Walleye in the well by noon. We had a full limit of 30 Walleye around 3:00 PM.  We let out from 90 to 160 foot of line trolling 1.9 to 2.3 mph. Most of the fish were caught on Chrome, Pink Lemonade, and Custom Top 20’s. Some were hooked on Blue Chrome, Purple Mist, and Reflection Bandits. The Walleye ranged from 15 to over 25 inches with most measuring over 20”.

Friday 15 Oct–We were able to get an early start this morning with a light wind at 7 mph from the East, South East. The air temp was a bit chilly at 63 deg. The water temp was 68.6 and the barometric pressure was 29.88. We headed right back to the East side of Kelley Island and we had netted our first fish at 8:55 using a Pink Lemonade Top 20 which was running at about 20 foot with 150 foot of line out. We fished in 42-44 foot water depth. Custom pink and purple, and pink lemonade Top 20’s were the most productive lures today. We let out between 130 and 170 foot of line trolling around 2 mph. We had 22 Walleye in the live well when we heard lightning and decided to reel in and head towards the dock. We went through a couple of down pours on the way in. We ended up with a lot of nice keepers. 

Lake Erie Fall 2021 fishing water temps were higher than normal.

We fished near Cedar Point in deeper water using Top 20's and Deep Bandits.