Who doesn't love to fish for trophy walleye?

  I was born and raised in South Dakota which has given me a variety of fishing opportunities. My first fishing experience was back in the late 1960’s fishing for bullhead on the James River with my Dad, Grandpa, Siblings, and Cousins. In the 1970’s I started fishing on Lake Mitchell for Crappie, Bass, and Walleye. I also did some Trout fishing in the Black Hills while on family vacations and later with friends. I also enjoyed fishing on the Minnesota/Canada border waters and Devils Lake in North Dakota. 

   I moved to Pierre, SD in 1990 and then to Chamberlain the following year. Living near the Missouri River I had to purchase my first 16 foot Lund Boat which I have many good memories with family and friends. In the late 1990’s – 2000 I guided on the Missouri River near Chamberlain and Ft. Thompson on Lake Francis Case and Lake Sharpe. I was fortunate enough to live in Webster, SD for a couple of years near a few prime glacial lakes.   Netting trophy Muskie with my brother in law, reeling in very respectable Walleye, Northern, and Perch with my sons, and fishing for Large Mouth Bass in South Dakota and Kansas stock dams have been a life time enjoyable fishing experience, but the Lake Erie walleye bite is a whole new experience and is in a league of its own.

   I started fishing for trophy walleye on Lake Erie in 2006 and I have been hooked ever since.  Of all my fishing experiences, my fishing passion is definitely for Lake Erie Walleye.  South Bass Island on Lake Erie is just over 1,000 miles from Chamberlain, SD.  We have had extremely successful Lake Erie fishing trips every year with many limits and numerous trophy walleye and an occasional trophy small mouth bass.  

   It has been a tradition to go to Lake Erie every year in April with family and friends. There has been only one year that we went with just one boat. We have had groups of up to 22 people and 7 boats. It is very advantageous to have the additional groups of amateur and semi-pro fishermen. We all share information to help each other be as productive as possible. There is no need to be selfish with any fishing tactics on Lake Erie because the walleye are very plentiful. There can be up to about a hundred South Dakotan’s on the Island at one time, and there are a few groups that all share information with each other so we can all keep up on the latest hot spots.

  After fishing for trophy walleye on Lake Erie for 15 years I finally sold my Lund Tyee and purchased a 22 foot North River Seahawk Fishing Boat in 2019.  It seems as though it was made just for Lake Erie fishing.  The North River Seahawk is much more accommodating and offers more room and comfort for passengers.  It makes for a much more enjoyable fishing experience.   

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