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Missouri River Fishing near Chamberlain, SD

Fish the Missouri River on Lake Francis Case near Chamberlain or on Lake Sharpe near Ft. Thompson. 

The North River Seahawk is a comfortable boat that makes fishing more enjoyable.  A very accommodating boat during rainy, cold, and windy weather. 

Purchase a South Dakota Fishing License at:    gfp.sd.gov  

Living the Dr​eam

 Web sites to browse when planning to fish the Lake Erie Islands. 

www.millerferry.com   ----    This is the ferry to and from South Bass Island


www.ohiodnr.com        ----    You can purchase your Ohio fishing license here

www.fishlakeerie.com  ----   More interesting fishing information on Lake Erie

http://www.illinoistollway.com/tolls-and-i-pass/customer-service  ----  Order your I Pass here                                                       Have your credit card, vehicle make and model with license number ready.

Ohio Fishing License

To legally fish on Lake Erie near Put-In-Bay, you will have to log on to www.ohiodnr.com and purchase an Ohio state fishing license.


Travel to lake Erie Information

When  traveling to Lake Erie, Ohio from South Dakota, Set GPS directions to Des Moines, IA, and then to Catawba Island, OH.  This will take you  right to the Miller Ferry. 

If you want to avoid stopping at the toll ways, purchase an I Pass at the above web site. 

Put In Bay, Ohio

Put In Bay is the name of the town on South Bass Island, OH.  This Island is located about three miles off shore of Catawba on the Southwest end of lake Erie.  

We have always stayed on Put-In-Bay because there is usually good fishing all around the Island.  

Less expensive accommodations are available inland.